my name is edward
leonhardeulerbasedgod asked:
Why is it that during the Vietnam War we started getting some of the best protest rock of all time during the 8th year and it’s been 13 years since Afghanistan started and we haven’t gotten shit?
theneedledrop replied:

because people were drafted and the war was changing the lives of young people more directly than the afghan war has been in a lot of ways. of course our foreign policy does impact the way we’re living at home, but the media isn’t really giving people the full story on that. most aren’t really educated in the various ways the war is bankrupting financially and morally.

throughout our war on terror overseas, the footage the media has handed us has been NOWHERE near as raw as what america saw during vietnam. decades ago, america was exposed to footage of vietnam soldiers fighting and dying. fox, cnn, and msnbc haven’t been so bold as to make the gruesome nature of war a headline since we invaded afghanistan.

it’s things like ferguson that are now getting attention from the music community, because many young artists feel what’s going on there directly effects them via racism, police brutality, and police accountability. and ferguson definitely does present the urgency many young people feel it does. we just need to realize our country’s antics overseas impact us significantly as well.

i’m open to any thoughts, criticisms, ideas.